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Animating State with Watcher

First of all, if you need a refresher on v-model, check this out. As you'll recall v-model creates a 2 way binding between an input element and the data in our vue instance/component. This transition example is straight from the VUE docs: Transitioning State

<div id="demo"> <script src=""></script> <input v-model="mynumber" type="number" step="20"> <p>{{ animatedNumber }}</p> </div>
new Vue({ el: '#demo', data: { mynumber: 0, tweenedNumber: 0 }, computed: { animatedNumber: function() { return this.tweenedNumber.toFixed(0); } }, watch: { mynumber: function(newValue) {$data, 1.5, { tweenedNumber: newValue }); } } });

The watch event handler for mynumber gets called whenever you change the number in the input box. Then TweenLite animates the number change.

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